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The most important thing is to define your goals

Patent Lawyer

Intellectual property issues may, at times, seem daunting and complicated- especially in today's economy. Brian has helped many clients secure intellectual property protection and pursue dreams. He wants to help you pursue your dreams too.

Brian has over 25 years of legal experience. He is registered as a Patent Lawyer by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  His clients range from entrepreneurs with little or no experience to large corporations with multinational intellectual property portfolios.  Brian believes in the importance of good personal relationships and strives to be readily accessible to his clients.  He knows that you need the best possible patent information and trademark information available.  He is fully committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. He also believes in keeping his services affordable to his clients and makes sure to work within your budget.  No surprises! He is proud that so many of his clients have repeatedly returned to him for guidance and assistance with their intellectual property protection needs.  He works hard to be the best patent lawyer and trademark lawyer for his clients and to earn their loyalty every day.


Opportunities lost result from chances not taken.

No one knows what the future might hold.  But preparing for an uncertain future is an important part of every business. Intellectual property is an increasingly important business asset.  Protecting your intellectual property now can help you achieve your goals in the future. 

Time and tide wait for no man - Anon.

"I'll just wait until I see if this is successful"

Unfortunately, intellectual property rights can disappear if steps aren't taken in a timely manner to protect them. While some things can safely be put off to the future, other things cannot.  With clear goals, a clear path can be charted.  Brian is dedicated to helping you understand and address matters that are simply too important to delay. 

Brian K. Yost

Patent and Trademark Attorney

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Brian K. Yost- Patents and trademarks

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